The Green Panthers


ETV News stock photo by Jeff Barrett

Although seven players are coming back for another season, the Panthers have an extremely young team. Full of underclassmen and a brand-new coach, Pinnacle will learn together as the season moves along.

“I’m so excited,” said head coach Nikki Otto when talking about her new opportunity. “We have a really young team. We only have two seniors, but the team is really dedicated. They’re all showing up to practice and they’re hard workers.”

Otto may be new to Pinnacle, but she is not new to the sport or to the girls. “I coached a lot of them in junior high,” Otto explained. She is certainly looking forward taking over at Pinnacle and has already begun implementing her coaching philosophies. “[Something] I’m trying to stress as a new coach is responsibility. That they show up ready to work and come prepared to practice every day.”

Otto concluded, “I’m just excited to see where we go with such a young team. Not only this year, but the next couple of years.”

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