The Green Team of Carbon County Propose Recycling Center Idea to Commissioners


In this day and age, more counties and communities than ever before are seeing the absolute necessity that is recycling. Carbon County’s very own Green Team approached the commissioners and the community as a whole, on Wednesday evening to discuss the pressing issue.

Two representative’s of the team spoke, presenting a proposal for a recycling center at the county landfill. They highlighted several benefits of this, including the fact that it capitalizes on utilizing resources that are already in place. This includes over $50,000 in trailers.

Several local residents spoke on this, voicing their full support in the matter. One woman stated that each month, she loads her vehicle with her recycling pieces and takes them over the mountain.

While the commissioners also supported the proposal and do see the potential, it is always in the community’s best interest to approach ideas with caution. Commissioner Jae Potter encouraged the Green Team members to approach other counties that have a similar rural setting as Carbon County, as well as a comparable number of residents and research the ways in which they recycle as well as what efforts are put forth to utilize resources in the most effective manner.

After more research has been completed, the Green Team will once again approach the commissioners with their findings.

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