The HOPE Squad Appoints New Officers


McIntosh speaks at a recent HOPE Squad suicide prevention event.

During the HOPE Squad of Carbon, Emery and Grand Counties’ meeting on Thursday, the nominations and appointment of officers took place.

Southeast Utah Health Department Suicide Prevention Specialist Amanda McIntosh explained that a decision was made that the squad could be a more effective coalition by converting to a board. That way, decision making could be conducted by the board by vote. As a board, there is a need for a hierarchy of president, vice president and secretary/treasurer.

As nominations began, McIntosh herself was nominated to be the president. However, she remarked that she feels that she is still too new in the squad to be the most effective choice. Thus, Debbie Marvidikis was nominated as president to continue as the leader of the squad. From this point on, Marvidikis will be schooling the vice president to eventually take over in her stead.

Kathy Donathan was previously nominated and appointed as the secretary/treasurer. McIntosh was then again nominated, this time to be the squad’s vice president. This was agreed upon by all that were in attendance at the meeting.

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