The Importance of Hygiene and How to Help


By Taya Cowley

As our population is increasing, the need for hygiene is also increasing. Both public and private cleanliness is important.

Many people live in filth that is hard to comprehend. The multitude of people that lack hygiene do not have the funds to purchase the necessary products to keep clean. There are countries, states, and even local areas that do not have the funds necessary to provide basic public hygiene to these low income families, while others simply do not care for their appearance, or have a disorder causing them to forget about it. Hygiene is important, and we must bring awareness to those who lack it.

One thing that can be done to help those in need is to collect donations. There are various organizations that support cleanliness. The Road Home is a Utah-based organization that focuses on helping the homeless in multiple ways, including hygiene. They give a list of products acceptable to donate and are grateful for anything offered.

If you would like to support Utahns with environmental health, please donate. You can also reach out to Taya Cowley at (435) 749-0655 with questions on the cause and how to donate.

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