The “Musical Entrepreneur” Delights Crowd at Culture Connection Concert


Blue grass/county artist Terry Shaw filled in beautifully Thursday night in the second week of the Price City Culture Connection Concert Series at the Price Peace Gardens.

Shaw, a Tacoma, WA native, was notified after a cancellation. But those in the crowd were delighted by the two sets he performed. One was blue grass and the other country.

“There’s not that much difference between the two except country is more electrified and a little bit slower,” he said.

He plays without a band, recording all backup vocals and instruments to CD and then using them as his “band” when he performs. Shaw has spent 40 yearsВ performingВ and 50 as a teacher.

“I could teach a student in one minute, but it takes years to learn,” Shaw said. “Everyone learns at a different rate. If they’re intense and focused with a purpose in mind there’s no reason why somebody can’t become a competent player in a couple of years.”

He currently teaches for a living and has lived in Price since 2010. Those interested in learning how to play the fiddle, banjo, guitar, dobro, bass, or any other stringed instrument, look for Shaw online at

Charlie Simmons is next up in the Culture Connection series and will perform June 28. All shows begin at 7 p.m.



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