Next AARP Smart Driver Course to Take Place on October 6


Press Release

The next AARP Smart Driver class, hosted by and at the Carbon County Senior Center, is scheduled for Thursday, October 6. This class will take place from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. Once again, the four hour class will discuss change.

As we grow older, there are several changes that take place with our bodies. These changes occur with our vision, hearing, reaction time agility and reflexes. These various bodily changes related to driving will be discussed in this class.

Another topic of discussion will be the many changes in our automobiles since we first began driving. These changes are designed to make the driving experience safer for us.

The third change to be addressed in this class are the many changes in the roads and highways that we drive on and need to aware of. A discussion on the latest changes in Utah’s driving rules and regulations is also a part of the class.

A certificate of completion will be presented to participants that is to be given to automobile insurance agents to receive a discount on auto insurance premiums. AARP members will pay $15 for the class, for non-members, the cost is $20.

To register for this class please call (435) 636-3202.

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