North Springs Shooting Range Welcomes Tactical Rifle Championship


The North Springs Tactical Rifle Championship took place over the weekend at the North Springs Shooting Range. Over the past nine months, a monthly match has taken place, which brought out as many as 95 shooters at one match. During the championship, 41 competitors were in attendance.

Five monthly scores were carried over and added to the scores of the championship match. Only two of the competitors were from the local area: Sniper Challenge leader Ron Young and his son Jeramie. Both of the local competitors were able to place with Ron receiving second place and Jeramie placing seventh.

Challenges that the shooters had to face included, but were not limited to, shooting off of a tower, shooting a number of barricades, shooting through a building window, off a tree while lying on the ground and from a rooftop position. At one time, the competitors were asked to shoot as far away as 1,245 yards.

“It’s a really fun and challenging experience,” stated Ron. “We wish we could get more people up there.”

First place went to Robert Aiken, who was shooting with a .243 AI. A new series will begin in November with shooting competitions taking place once a month. If you are interested in joining, the group can be contacted through its Facebook page, North Springs Tactical Rifle Competition.

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