The Prehistoric Museum, USU Eastern Announces New Curator Of Archaeology


PRICE, Utah, April 3, 2012— The Prehistoric Museum announces Dr. Timothy Riley as the new Curator of Archaeology

Dr. Riley comes from Texas A&M University where he was an adjunct professor in the Department of Anthropology. He received his PhD. in 2010 for his work on the diet of ancient Native Americans who lived in Hinds Cave along the Pecos River.

Dr. Riley’s archaeological fieldwork is extensive, having participated in a variety of projects throughout the Mid- and Southwest. Most of his research centers on the role of ancient human cultures in their ecosystem, especially farming. His work on the diets of ancient peoples is based fossil pollen and food traces within cooking pots, as well as fossilized feces. He has also been involved in the analysis of stone tools, animal remains and pottery.

Dr. Riley has published his dietary research in the prestigious Journal of Archaeological Science.

The Prehistoric Museum is very fortunate to have Dr. Riley as its newest team member and archaeology in Utah will benefit from his research interests.

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