The Prehistoric Museum, USU Eastern Presents Geology of Light by Artist George Callison


The Prehistoric Museum presents Geology of Light art show and sale by artist George Callison. The museum’s next gallery exhibition, opening to the public on June 6, is a solo exhibition and sale of paintings from the Colorado Plateau, emphasizing geologically related subjects by George Callison, Grand Junction, CO.

George is native to Blue Rapids, Kansas where, from his hunting and gathering parents, he learned to appreciate land and life and to see nature deeply. Such interest in nature led him to a career in biological sciences specializing in comparative anatomy and vertebrate paleontology, both very dependent upon visual detection of patterns, field exploration and discovery, and to careers in nature park design and the design of touring natural history exhibitions featuring robotically animated dinosaurs and other creatures.

In his oil and watercolor paintings, he emphasizes the wildness of mountains, mesas and canyons of the American West. Although he usually paints landscapes, animals or human figures are frequently integrated into them. George studied drawing with Dr. Betty Edwards (author of “Drawing From the Right Side of the Brain” and his former faculty colleague at Cal State Long Beach) and aspires to the virtuosity of a painterly style such as that expressed by many painters including Maynard Dixon, Edgar Payne and Clyde Aspevig.

The Prehistoric Museum, located at 155 East Main Street in Price, is a multi-faceted venue that includes paleontology, archaeology, geology and an art gallery. This spectacular show is a must-see event. Located on the second floor of the museum, this exhibition can be experienced from June 6 through August 22 during regularly scheduled hours of operation, Monday through Saturday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (general admission rates apply)

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