The Proposal of a Dog Park Brought to Carbon County Commissioners


Local resident and dog owner Jennifer Lopez approached Carbon County Commissioners on Wednesday during their meeting to propose the addition of a dog park in the county. Lopez stated that she had been approached by several people that have asked for this and that she has wanted the project for a long time.”We are in desperate need of a dog park,” she said.

She then informed the commissioners that she believed to have found the perfect place. Equipped with a photo of the area that she presented to the commissioners, she explained that there is an old stock car track that is between the softball fields and the fairgrounds. The area had a large section of grass and several trees that would be beneficial for shading purposes.

A general concern when something such as a dog park is proposed is the idea that clean up and maintenance would be a sizable chore. Lopez thought of this and stated that she has been to several dog parks in other states and believes that, community-wise, a lot of people are responsible owners that would pick up after their dog. Currently, she believes that a lot of dog owners take their pets to a nearby elementary school and let them run in the fields after hours.

For the park, all that would be needed would be a fence, two gates and a couple of disposal stations. Lopez also pointed out that if the dog park was put in that area, travelers that are visiting the softball fields, the fairgrounds or the motocross track will have a place for their dogs to be.

Lopez received an estimate from Castle Country Fencing for 800 feet of fence that came out to $9,000. That price would include the fencing and the gates. Frank Ori with Carbon County Recreation spoke on this with the commissioners and Lopez, stating that one of his biggest concerns is who would maintain the area.

Commissioner Casey Hopes then put in the idea that it may be more convenient to place the park near more immediate conveniences.

Commissioner Jae Potter stated that, although he believes the park would be a great addition, it is unfortunately not in the funding for this year. The dog park would be a low-priority item under other projects that need to be scheduled and completed. He then gave Lopez the information that it could be turned into a citizen initiative project and that there are a number of ways to approach it. Potter stated that it would need to be a broader span for funding and location.

At this time, the dog park was denied. However, there are hopes that it may be brought to Price City in another way.

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