The Rebirth and Renewal of Utah’s Nine Mile Canyon Epic


Balloon Man, Nine-Mile Canyon, UT Photo by Mackenzie Victoria Royce, J.D. - Bluegrass Conservancy

USU Eastern Prehistoric Museum hosts Utah Statewide Archaeological Society

 Castle Valley Chapter presentation

 Thursday, April 17, 7 p.m. in the Prehistoric Museum’s upstairs classroom


You are needed to help!

Although internationally acclaimed preservationist, pre-history scholar, and former USU Eastern professor Dr. Pam Miller is not yet ready to call in famed environmentalist Julia “Butterfly” Hill to live in a Spruce along Utah’s Nine Mile Canyon for 784 days or to bring back Edward Abbey’s “Monkey Wrench Gang” in order to draw attention to the continued preservation efforts needed in Nine-Mile Canyon, she will present a riveting update on the current preservation efforts in Nine-Mile Canyon, perhaps the most important prehistoric and archaic archaeological preservation effort in North America.

More specifically, Miller will discuss the 2010 Tavaputs Plateau Programmatic Agreement, which was the result of a compromise between natural gas development and preservation activities. She will report on what the end was supposed to be, what the Nine Mile Canyon Coalition saw as the beginning, and what has subsequently happened with the implementation of the agreement.

Miller will focus on the “process” of public participation, transparency in governmental dealings and two agreement stipulations that have not been implemented – the site stewardship program and the interpretive plan – as well as her media experiences with the New York Times, Irish Public Radio, London Financial Times and others.

Please join Dr. Miller as she explains how YOU can help preserve one of the natural and archaeological Wonders of the World located in your own back yard.

For additional information, please contact Chapter President Craig Royce at (435) 888-2234 or

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