The Secret is The Greens at Millsite Golf Course


ETV News stock photo

By Julie Johansen

Ferron City Mayor Adele Justice recently called a special meeting of the Millsite Golf Committee to organize a group to assist with the Millsite Golf Course. She also requested another meeting to select a chairman and conduct the business of the golf course in regards to Ferron City.

The discussion from those present determined two things causing a drop in numbers at the course: the rehabilitation of the dam and the condition of the greens. As with most of the cities in Emery County, the budget for the course is short, while those in attendance stress that “success comes when there is money to put into it.”

Mayor Justice told about attempting to arrange a lease with Good Life Utah, but because the property is only a lease from the Bureau of Land Management, this doesn’t seem to be possible. BLM representatives told her that they had to maintain ownership. Justice is hopeful that maybe something can still be arranged. Good Life Utah is interested because it would make a trail through Utah with the organization’s other courses under lease. Good Life Utah would also want to include a fitness center along with golf.

Also during the meeting, it was discussed that the course needs fertilizer right now and they may have to replant the greens on holes 1 and 2. All these things are eminent.

Other things that have been considered to increase usage of the course are foot golf or frisbee golf. A RAP (Recreation, Arts and Parks) tax may also be a solution but would only create minimal funds, it was explained during the meeting. Rotation with other associations for men, women and seniors was also discussed and the fact that volunteers are needed to help improve the course.

Those in attendance came to the decision that the secret is improving the greens so everyone will want to golf at Millsite. The committee’s next meeting will be on Thursday, March 28 at 6 p.m. in the Ferron City Hall. Anyone interested is invited to attend.

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