The Subtle Rise of Airbnbs in Carbon and Emery Counties


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Many examples throughout time show that the rise and change of technology also brings other changes to communities.

One such change was the quick rise of Airbnbs across the world. An Airbnb is a rural home, apartment, yurt, trailer or similar structure that has been re-created for the purpose of renting the space to those that are traveling through an area. Airbnbs give a quality to a visit that hotels sometimes do not, making those that utilize the system feel more comfortable while on the go.

What may not be as well-known about Airbnbs is how many there are nestled within Carbon and Emery counties, just waiting to welcome a plethora of locals and visitors at any time.

It is almost impossible not to notice the many upgrades and changes that have been made on Helper City’s Main Street. Alongside those, a number of Airbnbs have opened, such as the one that is located within the Historic Conoco Filling Station. Ferron City offers a private camping ground while a large home in Green River keeps visitors close to the hustle and bustle of Moab.

Those wishing to visit the San Rafael Swell are welcome to rent a cozy Kodiak Camper while those visiting Price are welcome to the Baby Blue Sky two bedroom. Also available for Price-goers is the Gateway to Adventure, which is highly recommended by many.

Many more Airbnbs are available in Carbon and Emery counties and are filled with rave reviews and accommodations for those that are looking for adventure in the rural area.

The rural area gives perfect opportunities for Airbnb Experiences. These experiences are led by locals, going above the typical tour by having those leading them bring the visitors into their world, their hobbies, their expertise and more.

An Airbnb Experience seminar is being hosted at the January Emery County Business Chamber Lunch and Learn. This will take place at the Castle Dale City Hall beginning promptly at noon. Those that wish to join must RSVP by Jan. 13 by emailing or calling Patsy at (435) 749-9025. Lunch is $12 per person. This seminar will have presenters that include a representative of the Office of Tourism as well as Airbnb Experience representatives.

Those that wish to learn more about the Airbnb opportunities may do so by clicking here.

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