The Swell Utah Trails Grant: New Grant Available to Develop Trails and Recreational Amenities


Emery County Office of Tourism Press Release

In 2020, the Emery County Travel Bureau, in partnership with the Emery County Trails Committee, created a new grant program: The Swell Utah Trails Grant Program. The grant program aims to improve both local recreational options and improve the visitor experience through the development of recreational amenities in Emery County.

Eligible projects, including trail building, are eligible to receive up to $12,500 in matching funds. All grants must be matched 50:50, and at least 75% of the matching funds for the project must be secured in order to apply.


1) Application Submissions: Applicants are encouraged to submit applications early in the year if they want staff to review applications.

2) Staff Review: Travel Bureau Staff will reach out if there is any additional information needed and forward complete applications to the Trails Committee.

3) Approval: The Trails Committee will decide whether or not a project/event will be recommended for approval by the Travel Board and Emery County Commission.

4) Final Approval: The Travel Bureau Staff will present applications recommended by the Trails & Travel Board at the commission meeting.

5) Invoice for First Check: If your application is approved by Emery County Commission, you will be notified about the amount awarded and how much to invoice for.

6) Progress Reports: Every six months, you will submit a progress report. You will be sent the report via email.

7) Final Report: The final report and all project/event-related invoices must be submitted within 90 days of project/event completion.

March 1 (noon): Application Open
April 2 (5 p.m.): Application Close
April 20: Grants Awarded
Oct. 1: Six-Month Report
April 1, 2022: 12-Month Report
Oct. 1, 2022: 18-Month Report
April 1, 2023: Final Report

The application can be found at

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