Wellington Warriors Give Back to the Community


The Warriors of Wellington Elementary School have been hard at work raising funds for a special reason. At the Wellington City Council meeting that took place on Wednesday evening, student council members represented all of the students and spoke to the council.

Taking turns, the student council informed the city council members that each month the school focuses on a character trait that helps to better them. Last month’s trait was team spirit. The flooding that occurred in September left a lot of citizens in Wellington in a mess.

The students wished to help out. They organized a Hat Day Wednesday at the school. Each Wednesday, students were able to wear hats all day as long as they paid their $1 due. A representative of the students stated that some were able and wished to give more than $1 each time.

Principal Stacy Basinger stood with the council and assisted in donating a check totaling $400 to the city, asking that it be given to flood victims.

“We are proud of our Wellington Warriors and our efforts,” a student council member stated.

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