The Work at Millsite Goes On and On, Precise and Consuming


By Julie Johansen

Dec. 6 is the date that the first milestone is to be completed on the Millsite Dam Rehabilitation Project. That milestone is the foundation for the dam. The foundation is one of the most concise and important steps in the rehabilitation of the dam and must be finished before temperatures drop dramatically, as frost will hamper the compaction. The sand and gravel are rolled and tested continuously for moisture content and compaction.

Temporary outlets are also being installed so that Ferron City and PacifiCorp will have a continuous supply of water from the reservoir as the construction continues. Once construction is far enough along, permanent outlets purchased by each entity will be installed.

The drilling and expansion grout process is estimated to continue throughout the end of December before concrete work can begin on the spillway. This process has been much more extensive than expected, according to project leaders. The work is continuing and will do so through the winter.

Tracy Behling, President of the Ferron Canal and Reservoir Company commented, “Everything is going very well. I am pleased.”

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