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Emery County Care and Rehabilitation Press Release

Did you know that Emery County Care and Rehabilitation offers physical therapy and occupational therapy for Emery and Carbon County residents to rehabilitate from surgeries?
We specialize in knee and hip surgery recovery. Bowie Jeffs is our on-site occupation therapist and Scott Labrum is our physical therapist. We are proud to have them as part of our team.
Therapy is here to help you recover safer and faster. One step at a time, we are with you all the way to home. We have nice, spacious rooms and staff that cares.
Did you know you may also keep your physician of choice as a patient or resident of Emery County Care and Rehabilitation? If you want your care to be followed by your doctor, we coordinate care so you can. We help you to get there in style with our 2017 transport Dodge caravan.
We also have an in-house physician, Dr. Doug Larsen, from Pine Top Medical in Carbon County. Dr. Larsen comes and does his rounds once a week and he is on call for our facility 24 hours per day, seven days per week.
Come and rehab with us or stop by and visit anytime. Best care anywhere.
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