Third Annual Graduation Celebration Keeps EHS Graduates Happy and Safe


The 2011 graduates of Emery High gathered for their annual Graduation Celebration at the Emery County Aquatics Center on Thursday night, which kept the graduates safe and entertained through the night.

This is the third year the Emery High Governor’s Youth Council has hosted the party at the Aquatics Center. They organized a fun night for the seniors, including: swimming, basketball, karaoke, video games, and blow up toys.

Lori Huntington, the GYC advisor, explained that the reason the event is to give students an enjoyable alternative keep students safe, having fun in town, rather than driving to the desert and mountains to party.

Huntington revealed that since they have started having the celebration, police officers haven’t had to go out on the desert or mountain as much.

She was excited and pleased by how well this year’s party turned out, and by the number of students who came. “The turnout was great!” she said.

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