Three Creekview Chiefs to be Honored by the Utah PTA


From left to right, Maggie Truman, Evangeline Bromley, and Evelyn Palmer.

Information Submitted By Liz Bryner

Three Creekview students will be honored by the Utah PTA for their outstanding Reflections entries. Kindergarten student Evelyn Palmer won the Primary Division 3-D Art category for all of Utah. Third-grader Maggie Truman received an Honorable Mention for her outstanding photography entry and Evangeline Bromley earned an Honorable Mention for her outstanding Visual Arts entry. These three students will be honored at a Utah PTA awards ceremony on April 21st.

Normally, first place winners’ entries move on to the national competition, but 3-D art is not a separate category in the national Reflections competition, so Evelyn’s project cannot move on. Three years ago Janey Van Dyke, another Creekview student, won the 3-D art category at the state level as well, but her entry was not eligible to move on for the same reason.

At the school-wide competition, some of our students earned multiple medals. Janey Van Dyke earned four medals in four separate categories. Avy Atwood earned medals in all three of the categories she entered. Evangeline Bromley was the only student to earn two first-place medals, in both Literature and Visual Arts. Carson and Logan Palmer placed in both film and photography. Tatum Tatton took first in Dance Choreography and Aly Bryner earned first place in Music Composition.

Shalako Gunter and Ashlyn Slaughter clinched the top Photography award in their respective age groups. Mrs. Swasey’s class cleaned up in the Primary Literature category with top place going to Bella Simkins. Alexa Jones and Xander Pappas won first place for their 3-D projects in their age categories. The most competitive category by far this year was in Visual Arts and we received some really tremendous projects.

All are to be commended for using their creativity and insight to convey this year’s theme “This is My Story”. We hope students will embrace next year’s theme “Within Reach” with as much creativity, excellence and enthusiasm as this year’s theme. Congratulations students!

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