Three Days at the Sweetwater Speedway


Photo Courtesy of Sweetwater Speedway

Sweetwater Speedway in Rock Springs, Wyoming played host to many local drivers in the Carbon County area. The races began on July 4 and went on to Saturday, July 6. Starting in the IMCA SportMod, Shawn Parish won his heat race in the top position. Kade Dimick also placed first in the heat, going up seven cars to get the win. In B Feature 1, Camden Wilson and Jacob Vazquez did well enough to advance to A Feature 1 later in the evening. Camden Wilson raced well min the main, moving up 12 positions, getting the fifth-place position. Kade Dimick followed in sixth, as he moved up five positions.

Moving to the Hobby Stock event, Payce Herrera placed first in his heat and Ryan Dimick placed second, both advancing to the main. Hererra started his weekend off well, claiming the number one spot in the A Feature 1. Ryan Dimick ended in the third spot for the event. In the IMCA Modified, Wyatt Howard placed first in his heat race. Unfortunately, he would not finish in the main.

Moving onto Friday, in the SportMod division. Shawn Parish continued to drive well, taking the top spot in his heat. His dad, Kenny Parish, would get a second-place finish, along with Kade Dimick in second as they advanced to the main. Jacob Vasquez rallied hard in the B Feature 1, claiming the number one spot, earning him a trip to the main. In the A Feature 1, Shawn Parish finished in the third overall spot in the event. Kade Dimick followed, moving up six positions to claim fourth. Camden Wilson rallied, going up 10 spots to finish in sixth, with Jacob Vasquez passing nine cars to get the eighth spot.

Howard again raced well in the heat, grabbing another first-place in the IMCA Modified, but again was not able to finish in the main. In the Hobby Stock, Hererra snagged another first-place finish in his heat, moving on to grab the second-place overall in the main. Race Vasquez followed, placing in the fifth position.

For the final day on Saturday, Austin Vigil advanced to the main, finishing fourth in the B Feature 1. In the A Feature 1, he moved up ten positions to break the top ten, finishing in ninth. Howard would get his third heat win of the weekend in the IMCA Modified, ending the weekend with a fourth-place finish in the main. He also finished in seventh overall in the Dirt Super Late Models, with Ryan Dimick finishing in the sixth spot in the event. Hererra finished out his weekend placing first in his last heat race, followed by Glen Johansen in third and Ryan Dimick getting fourth. In the main, Ryan Dimick walked away with the fourth-place overall, followed by Glen Johansen in fifth.

Finishing with the SportMod, Kade Dimick won his heat, advancing six positions. Kenny Parish placed second in his heat and Shawn Parish finished third as they advanced to the main. Camden Wilson snagged a third-place finish in the B Feature 1, moving up 10 positions, advancing to the final as well. Kade Dimick continued a solid season, as he earned first place in the main, cruising passed ten cars to solidify the win. Shawn Parish finished in the fifth spot, Kenny Parish finished in eighth and Camden Wilson passed ten cars to get him the tenth spot in the event. The races will return to Carbon County on July 12 – 13 at Desert Thunder Raceway.

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