Time to Coordinate the Area Runnning Event Calendar


Press Release

Carbon County and Price City are implementing a policy to control these events. “I’m personally thrilled people are interested in events that promote physical fitness,” said Christensen. However, there have been so many events some are getting in the way of others. In three instances this year there has been more than one event on a single day.

In an attempt to make sure all events have a reasonable chance of being successful, Carbon Rec is implementing a running calendar. The calendar for 2014 will be established on Nov. 19 in a 10 a.m. meeting at the Carbon Rec office. “We are asking everyone who wants to hold a running event next year to come to the meeting and get on the calendar,” Christensen said. There will be some new requirements for holding an event. Those will be explained at the Nov. 19 meeting.

Events that have been held in previous years will be given priority to get on the calendar first. First-time events will need to find a date that does not conflict with scheduled events. No event may be scheduled within 10 days of a previously scheduled event.

While this is being implemented by Carbon County and Price City, other areas in the county and even Emery County are being asked to participate. “No one is telling anyone you can’t have a event,” said Christensen. “We just want everyone to have a reasonable chance of being successful.”

For more information contact Christensen at the Carbon Rec office, 636-3702.


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