Time to take care of those weeds


Price city would like to remind all property owners and those that occupy property within Price City that weeds must be controlled by cutting, removing or spraying appropriately.

Price City Community Developer Nick Tatton said that Price City just wants to put the word out that this is a serious issue, but it will not look at issuing a bunch of citations. The ordinance is complaint driven, so if a person complains about a piece of property, a warning notice will be issued. Tatton said that the warning will give the recipient of the complaint about a week to take care of the problem before an actual citation will be given.

“This is not about generating revenue,” he said. “It’s about getting residents to take care of their weeds before they can get out of control. Almost every complaint resolves without a ticket or citation being issued.”

If a property owner is physically unable to take care of the weeds, the city will try and help connect them up with volunteers who can help. This is what the call for a volunteer pool is meant, Tatton said. He also went on to say he wasn’t sure if they had much response on that yet.

The Price City municipal code requires that property owners control weeds on their property and all public areas adjoining their property including alley-ways, parking strips and fence lines. The Price City property maintenance ordinance further requires that weed growth be controlled on all property that is or has been developed beyond its natural state. Weed conditions may result in notices of violation or citations.

Fields that have never been developed are exempt from the weed ordinance. Vacant lots, even those that have been sitting that way for years, are not exempt.

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