Tobacco Specialty Shop in the Works for Carbon County


A proposed specialty tobacco shop was discussed at the Carbon County Planning Commission meeting on Wednesday evening.

Keith Lang approached the commission to receive a conditional use permit for his hopeful new business. Lang has proposed a site, located at 369 East 4400 South along Ridge Road, to place a trailer where the business will begin.

The idea for the business came about when Lang saw a need for a tobacco specialty shop in the area. “We want to provide a service to people who normally have to travel for these services,” he said.

The shop would sell various items such as vape, cigarettes and chewing tobacco. The question arose about whether or not these types of businesses are regulated, because of items sold in the shops. All products sold in shop are regulated and approved by the state, following stringent state and federal laws.

The health department will also be active in the business, making regular visits to check that the establishment stays within the legal parameters through planned visits as well as unplanned visits.

There was also a discussion whether there is a need for fire resistant walls in the trailer. Zoning Administrator Todd Thorne expressed that there was no need at the moment, but made a recommendation to have a fire marshal visit and see if there is a concern.

The application for the conditional use permit was accepted by the commission, allowing Lang to move toward the next steps to open the business.

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