Today’s American Miniature Horse, the Horse For Everyone


Press Release

Irresistible, versatile, showable and no taller than 34 inches at the base of the last hairs of the mane, the American Miniature Horse is truly the “horse for everyone.” If you have yet to see an American Miniature Horse or have made the discovery and want to know more, welcome to the world of miniatures!

For young people, miniature horse ownership encourages a sense of accomplishment. Guiding a child in the care of a miniature horse teaches discipline, responsibility and respect. Working with a miniature builds confidence and self-esteem, qualities that are carried into adult life. Children intimidated by large horses tend to eagerly embrace a miniature horse. Miniature foals are especially lovable, standing 16 to 21 inches.

Adults too reap the rewards of miniature horse ownership. It is not uncommon to see grandparent and grandchild joining to care for or work with their horses. Keeping a miniature horse is about one-tenth the cost of maintaining a large horse. Basically, the feeding program is the same but cleanup is much smaller.

American Miniature Horses are owned and loved by people of all ages and especially by those who have the time and ability to invest in, share and enjoy them. The miniature horse makes an ideal show partner with talents ranging from halter, jumping, costume and liberty classes to driving and obstacle.

The Carbon County Fair along with the Intermountain Miniature Horse Club invite you to the “Mini Madness at the Fair” miniature horse show to be held Saturday, August 1 at the Carbon County Fairgrounds. The fun begins at 10 a.m. and is free to the public. Please come and enjoy a day of fun at the fair with the miniature horses and their owners.

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