Top Spellers in Emery School District Determined at District Spelling Bee


By Julie Johansen 

Twenty-one contestants from the elementary and junior high schools in the Emery School District competed in a district-wide spelling bee at Emery High on Thursday. Conducting the bee was elementary supervisor Ralph Worthen.

Worthen also acted as a judge along with Kerri Allred. Diane Carter pronounced the words for each student as their turn arrived. During round four, the competition was narrowed to three students and the next round determined the winner, Becca Miller, a seventh grade student at Canyon View Junior High.

Two more rounds were needed to decide second and third places. Tyler Stilson, a seventh grade student from San Rafael Junior High, took second place while Grace Bernard, a fourth grade student from Ferron Elementary, took third. These three students will compete in the Regional Spelling Bee at Grand County High School in Moab on March 9.

All first place participants from each grade in each school were presented personalized plaques.

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