Top Ten Stories of 2014 According to ETV 10 News Readers


At ETV 10 News, 2014 has been a stellar year. The success of a weekly newspaper and a dramatic increase in live sports broadcasts on local Channel 10, along with over 2.2 million visits to the website, has made 2014 our most successful year-to-date.

Without a positive response from the community, none of this success would be possible. While compiling a list of top news stories for 2014, the staff searched online archives to find the most viewed stories in the past 12 months. While doing so, it also became apparent that readers turn to our website for obituaries, live weather cameras and up to the minute election results. In fact, over 1,900 people followed election results through our website.

As 2015 begins, we will continue to provide the services Castle Country has become accustomed to and will strive to be your local news source.

With that said, here is a list of the top 10 most read news stories on in 2014:

1. Authorities Respond to House Fire with Guns Drawn. After receiving a phone call from a man who claimed that his home was on fire, police soon learned that a male subject was trapped in the basement. As the July 31 incident unfolded, it became apparent that there was more to the story than originally reported.

Three individuals, James Pendleton, Michael Dees and Ashley Platt, were each charged with murder, aggravated kidnapping and conspiracy to commit kidnapping following several weeks of investigation. 

To view the original story which received the most views in 2014, please click here. 

2. Police Chase from Price to Helper Ends in Fatal Crash. In the early morning hours of Oct. 24, police responded to a fight in progress at a Price bar. Upon arrival, two suspects fled the scene, leading officers on a high speed chase from Price to Helper. The incident ended when the vehicle flew off the roadway, crashing into a home in that immediately burst into flames. Both suspects perished in the crash.

Click here to head the complete story.

3. Shooting in Huntington Under Investigation. In June, Emery County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to a call claiming that a female had been shot by her husband. Once deputies arrived, they found Misty Snyder with a single gunshot wound to the arm. According to reports, the bullet traveled through her upper body, causing numerous internal injuries requiring multiple surgeries. Her husband, Chad Snyder, was arrested and charged with attempted murder.

To read the breaking news story regarding this incident, click here. 

4. Heavy Rain Floods Pillings Trailer Court, Emergency Evacuation Ensues, Donations Needed. Heavy rain blanketed the Castle Country area on Sept. 27, leaving complete destruction in its path. The Price River jumped the bank near Pillings Trailer Court in Carbonville, sending muddy, contaminated water throughout the trailer park and surrounding properties. The entire trailer court was evacuated that evening and many residents were never able to return to their home. Most of the mobile homes located in the trailer park were declared a complete loss along with all belongings inside.

Several homes in Wellington also experienced severe flooding when the river once again breached the banks during the storm.

To read the complete story as well as view photos of the Pillings Trailer Court flooding, please click here. 

5. ATV Accident in Emery County Claims Two Lives. On May 25, rescuers responded to a single ATV accident on the San Rafael Desert. Two adults, Hubert Issel and Alana Issel of American Fork, were both killed in the accident. The couples grandchildren, ages 7 and 8, were critically injured in the accident and transported my helicopter to a hospital.

The following month, improvements were made to the road where the accident occurred in order to prevent further accidents from happening.

To read the complete story regarding the ATV accident, please click here. 

6. Castle Heights Forced into Lock Down Following Intruder Incident. Several local law enforcement agencies responded to Castle Heights Elementary on April 11 as the school went into lock down mode following a potentially dangerous situation. 

According to police, a vehicle driven by Christopher Craig marked with graffiti was recognized by an officer. The vehicle pulled up suddenly to the school building, jumping curbs and coming to rest on the playground. Although a potentially dangerous situation, quick response from law enforcement and school officials ensured all students and staff remained safe during the incident.

For more information regarding the incident, please click here.

7. Accident in Consumers Sends Teens to Hospital. A single-vehicle accident on Consumers Road July 1 sent six teens to the hospital. Two of the vicitms were ejected from the vehicle while the others suffered minor injuries. Only one of the six occupants was wearing a seat belt at the time of the accident.

To read the complete story, click here.

8. #PrayForHay, Locals Put on Fundraisers for Hailey Evans. On Nov. 1, 20-year-old Hailey Evans was seriously injured in an automobile accident near Soldier Summit. Evans faced many weeks in the hospital and incurred many medical bills following the accident. To help the family cover these costs, the community has come together on several occasions to raise funds.

To read more about Evans, her progress and find out about upcoming fundraisers, please click here.

9. Flooding Plagues the Castle Country. On Aug. 4, heavy rain fell across the Castle Country. Several homes and businesses in Helper, Carbonville and Spring Glen were all damaged due to flooding that occurred as a result of the heavy rain.

For photos of the damage and to read the article, please click here.

10. Heavy Rains Cause Closures and Flooding in Emery County. The same storm that hit Carbon County on Sept. 27 swept through Emery County as well, causing significant damage to roads and property. Road closures were issued and crews worked diligently to clean up the aftermath of the storm.

Click here for a photo gallery and to read the original article.

Other stories that received a significant number of views and narrowly missed the top 10 include: Mont Harmon Forced Into Lock Down Following Report of a GunTwo-Vehicle Accident Near Soldier Summit Sends Six to HospitalDuo Arrested Regarding Price Burglary Spree and Election 2014 Results Trickling In. (Click the title to read the complete story.)

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