Torch run excites Castle Valley Center students


Written by Kelcy Faimalo

Castle Valley Center students got the chance to participate in a local tradition last week with the help of the Emery County Sheriff’s Office and the Emery County Fire Department.

Every spring, when weather permits, the sheriff’s office and the fire department combine with the students from the Castle Valley Center for an Olympic torch run parade through Emery County.

This tradition began in 1990 as a part of the law enforcement torch run and has evolved into an event that special needs youth of Carbon and Emery counties look forward to every year.

Castle Valley students parade through Huntington, Ferron, and Castle Dale Main Streets with a procession of about 55 students, police cars, and fire trucks. Some students are able to walk and others get the opportunity to ride in police cars and on fire trucks.

With the help of deputies, an Olympic-style torch is lit when the parade begins and is passed from student to student until they’ve all had a turn.

“The kids are always so excited when it’s time for the torch run,” said Castle Valley Center Aid Terri Stettler. “It’s something they really enjoy every year.”

The torch run doesn’t just benefit the students from Castle Valley. Elementary students line up along their schools’ fences and cheer on the parade.

After the torch run students are presented with a photograph from the parade as well as a badge from the Emery County Sheriff’s Office.

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