Tourism and New Director of Public Works Discussed at Price City Council


Price City Council members met on Wednesday to discuss a variety of items. Among those discussed were tourism in the area, the appointing of a new Price City Public Works Director and a public hearing touching on possible sober living houses for the Carbon County area.

Representatives from the Eastern Utah Tourism and History Association reported on tourism in the Price City area. Among those visiting the Price area have been many tourists who come to the area wanting to visit Moab or other famous sites but choose to stay in the city’s hotels and then travel to other sites during the day.

Council members and mayor Joe Piccolo thanked Price City Public Works Director Gary Sonntag for his many years of service as Miles Nelson was appointed the new director. Nelson currently serves as a Price City Council member.

The council also held a public hearing in regards to the possibility of new sober houses located at 160 East 100 South and 178 East 100 South in Price. Concerns were brought up in regards to the absence of a street light due to an accident on the corner of 100 East and 100 South. Mayor Piccolo agreed to look into replacing the light.

Several other items were discussed including several conditional use permits for various new institutions, a report on water resources, Culture Connection and International Days. To view the entire meeting, tune into ETV Channel 10 from 12:00 to 3:00 p.m. daily for this and other broadcasts of public meetings.

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