Tourism Tax Advisory Board and Clampers Team Up to Clean Castle Gate Monuments


Part of the duties of the Carbon County Tax Advisory Board is tourism destination planning and associated activities. Along with this duty, the board was approached by Cindy Lund of Castle Gate RV Park, who asked them to review the monument area that is located at the mouth of Price Canyon to consider updates and cleaning of the area.

Upon reviewing the request and the monuments, the board discovered that the Matt Warner Chapter of the E. Clampus Vitus, also located in Helper, is responsible for most of the monuments. From there, the Carbon County Tax Advisory Board Chair and Helper City Mayor Lenise Peterman scheduled a meeting to speak with the clampers about the best approach for cleaning.

Clamper Henry Reddington took the lead on the monument clean-up with a number of other clampers. The Tourism Tax Advisory Board was also tasked with cleaning the area around the monuments and updating a base for the Willow Creek Mine Explosion.

“The board is excited to make this happen as the area serves as an entryway into all of our communities,” shared Peterman.

The clean-up took place on Saturday morning, with a combination of clampers, board members, Castle Gate RV Park employees and more meeting at the site of the monuments and ensuring that the area looked much better than when they arrived.

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