Trail Mountain Fire 100% Controlled, Rehabilitation Continues


Forest Service Press Release

The Trail Mountain fire was called 100% controlled on Aug. 12. When a fire is called controlled, mop-up near the lines is complete and the line is expected to hold.

Rehabilitation efforts continue on the fire scar as Forest Service and other officials work to prevent flooding and debris flows.

Currently, about 15-20 trucks a day are delivering wood mulch to the East Mountain area along Cottonwood Road. The road has been closed in the interest of public safety as trucks unload tons of mulch and it is reloaded into smaller short-haul vehicles for delivery to Flat Canyon staging areas. Graders and water trucks are working to maintain the road, which is being impacted by heavy traffic. Helicopters will be assisting in the operation.

The footer has been completed for a defensive wall around the Crandall Canyon Memorial to prevent damage from flooding and debris flows.

Castle Valley Water Conservation District and the North Emery Water Users Association are working to make repairs to their infrastructure damaged by the fire.

A closure remains in place for 0040 Cottonwood Canyon Road, and Forest Roads 0145 and 0060. To read the order, go to:

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