Trail Mountain Fire Update


Due to the increased complexity of the Trail Mountain Fire, a Type 2 Incident Management Team was brought in to relieve local resources.  The Type 2 Team, under Incident Commander Tim Roide, took command of the fire last night.  They will continue full suppression efforts on the fire, utilizing ground and aerial resources.

Equipment will be used to reopen roads on the west side of the fire to allow firefighters better access to the fire perimeter on Trail Mountain.  Firefighters are looking for natural and manmade breaks in the terrain, including previous burn areas, where they have the highest probability of successfully containing while providing for the safety of firefighters and the public.  The team’s objectives include keeping the fire west of Huntington Canyon Road and minimizing the impact to private property, infrastructure and natural resources.

Today’s weather is expected to be hotter and drier than yesterday was, with increased winds as well.  There is a possibility of critical weather conditions tomorrow, ahead of projected thunderstorms on Friday and rain over the weekend.

The Team has established an incident command post at Emery High School in Castle Dale, which provides firefighters with food, water, sleeping areas, medical supplies, and other support.  Residents and visitors can expect increased traffic in and around the neighboring communities and along Highway 31.  Please travel with caution and avoid the fire area.

Anyone who receives a water bill from North Emery Water Users is encouraged to conserve water as a result of a source spring being compromised.  Questions may be directed to North Emery Water Users.

Due to increasing fire behavior, Emery County Sheriff’s Office has closed SR31 from just above the Huntington Power Plant turnoff up to MP18.5 which is the turnoff to Miller’s Flat. The power plant is not being shut down. As a precautionary measure, ECSO is evacuating everything between these two points. More information will follow when available.

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