Transitional Housing Center Plans Underway


During the busy activities hosted during the town hall meeting that took place on Sept. 13, a group of individuals met up for a lunch at the Crosscut Brewery to discuss an exciting new option for those struggling to beat addiction in Castle Country.

Jana Abrams, Chairman of the Faith-Based Coalition, met with Representatives Paul Ray and Christine Watkins, among others, to discuss the Transitional Housing Center they wish to bring and the steps needed to obtain funding from legislature to support it. The coalition is working with the State of Utah to obtain the monies for the center, which will focus on those that are struggling with addiction and have been in jail. This center will give them an opportunity for a safe place to stay, find employment, build resumes, get clean and more.

Those that visit the unit will stay for a determined time and will receive assistance in transitioning back into the community. They will have amenities that include, but are not limited to, a room to stay in, a kitchen that will feed them and a meeting space.

The next step for the center is for those involved to meet with the state legislature and request funding from them in the next legislative session, which is slated to take place in January. Abrams stated that they have the building plan and are currently looking for donors from the community to assist with funding.

There are plans to apply for grants. However, Abrams stated that they will likely have to raise upwards of $200,000 to $300,000 on their own after asking for three million from legislature. Abrams expressed that the community may help in a myriad of ways, beginning with donations. The main goal on building the transitional housing is to help those who want to change their lives and become outstanding citizens once more.

Abrams may be contacted for donations and other ways to assist at (435) 820-6968.

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