Trap Shooters Can Win Frozen Turkeys in Time for Thanksgiving


Win Thanksgiving dinner this year. On Nov. 16, the Division of Wildlife Resources and Green River City will host a turkey shoot at the Green River Shooting Sports Park. The event will begin at 10 a.m. and end at 2 p.m. 

A turkey shoot is just another way of describe a trap or shotgun shoot, where clay pigeons are launched by a mechanical thrower and targeted mid-air by shooters. Frozen turkeys will be awarded as prizes to the best shooters, thus giving the event the name turkey shoot.

Participants will pay $5 per round of trap to cover the cost of clay pigeons and prizes. No pre-registration is necessary. Participants are asked to bring their own shotgun and shot shells loaded with size seven-and-a-half or eight shot. Shooters may also want to bring their own snacks, beverages and lunch.

The shooting range is located on the old Highway 6 frontage road east of town. Green signs will be posted throughout Green River guiding participants to the shooting range.

For more information, call Walt Maldonado at 820-8147.

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