“Traveling Treasures 2019” Educates Emery County Youth on Utah History


The Huntington City Library teamed up with Zions Bank branch in Huntington on Wednesday to educate the youth of Emery County in a fun and engaging way with “Traveling Treasures 2019.”

This year, the event was titled “Collecting the Past for the Future” and featured members of the Natural History Museum of Utah, who welcomed youngsters around the county for two different sessions. The first began in the morning and featured a summer storytime. The second began promptly at 1 p.m. and featured afternoon adventures.

The exhibit corresponded with the summer library theme of “A Universe of Stories.” While it focused on the clubs of the Huntington Library, the public was also welcome to join in on the fun.

Displayed in the Zions Bank parking lot, the youth were able to learn about fossils, digs and pieces of history that have been located throughout Utah. All these things teach about the past settlers, creatures, lifestyles and more in Utah. Also hosted were various activities, such as making “rockets” for the student’s enjoyment.

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