Treasures Discovered at Price’s United Methodist Church


Price’s United Methodist Church played host to a local garage and bake sale Saturday morning.

Community members perused through aisles of items ranging from knickknacks, toys, books and furnishings to various other articles.

The event, where locals were able to bring their possessions in hopes of it being claimed as another man’s treasure, also acted as a fundraiser for the church along with the accompanying bake sale.

Nisheal Watson, one of the treasure hunters of the day, was sure to stop at the church’s garage sale as she and her mother visited other garage sales around the community for the day.

“The bake sale was probably the coolest part,” she admitted. “It was fun to see a variety of things.” She even used a manual typewriter, something that she had never used before.

“We found a lot of things we were pleased with and it was a lot of fun,” she concluded.

Ten percent of all proceeds from the event were reserved to be donated to a local charity.

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