Trestle Fire Started by Fireworks


Authorities were paged to what has been deemed the Trestle Fire south of Consumers Road on Friday evening. According to the Price City Fire Department, the fire was started by fireworks.

The train trestle is a common site to visit in Carbon County and is accessed by way of Consumers Road. Crews quickly responded after the fire ignited and no injuries were reported.

The fire came on the heels of a social media warning by the Helper City Fire Department just hours prior.

“Please be safe and have a water source immediately available if a fire is started from your fireworks,” the Helper City Police Department shared on social media on Friday. “Also, if you happen to catch something on fire, whether it be your own or someone else’s property, call 911 immediately to avoid any major losses of property or any loss of life.”

Fireworks are legal to be used on the Fourth of July until midnight as well as Sunday, July 5 until 11 p.m. After that point, fireworks should not be used until the Pioneer Day holiday later this month.

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