Trevor Nathaniel Lutes


Trevor Nathaniel Lutes passed away suddenly in an accident on April 1, 2017 near Orangeville, Utah. A wonderful community made every effort to rescue. 

Trevor was born in San Jose, California on August 13, 1975 and raised in San Diego. Trevor is an artist who’s message through paintings and writings are “Love Life, love every moment,” “Move forward,” “believe,” “put your dreams to reality,” “now,” “construct,” “Trust life,” and “Love people and forgive.”

He is survived by his wife Denise Janet Reid Lutes, mother Michelle Secord Lutes and father Stephen Lutes, sister Heather and her husband Caleb Land, mother and father in-law Lynn and Annette Reid, sisters in-laws Lyndsay Reid, and Candace and her husband Kendall Hansen, and too numerous to name; a loving family of close relatives and just as numerous, friends all over the country who he made his family.

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