Trial Underway Over Blue Castle Water Rights


By Sara Price

Blue Castle Holding is a nuclear power company working to bring a plant to Green River. One of the biggest issues holding up progress has been the fight over water. Nuclear power plants need water to run day-to-day operations.

Concerns have been raised over the safety and oversight of such a venture. Environmental groups such as Heal Utah are spearheading the fight to stop the power plant from being built, concerned for wildlife and the surrounding wilderness, as well as a strain on water usage in the area.

Blue Castle was granted water rights but the fight is far from over. The pretrial was conducted on Monday, Sept. 23, in 7th District Court in Castle Dale, where lawyers requested a change in venue to the Carbon County Courthouse as a matter of convenience for those traveling for this trial. Judge George Harmond granted the request and the trial is ongoing.

Lawyers also requested taped testimony from those who are unable to travel, as well as telephonic conferences to accommodate all involved. The judge also granted these requests. The trial will continue thoughout the week as Judge Harmond hears both sides of the argument and decides whether or not the water rights granted to Blue Castle Holding should be revoked or upheld.

On one side, there are concerns over the environment, resource well being and responsibility. On the other, there is allure of thousands of jobs for the area. Both sides will be considered and weighed as testimonies pour in support of each view.

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