UPDATE:Truck fire erupts on Highway 10


Tuesday afternoon, a driver in a delivery box truck smelled smoke coming from his vehicle.

In no time at all a fire combusted inside the engine compartment of the truck causing the driver to pull off the side of the road on Highway 10 in Carbon County.

The driver called and requested help, but the fire in a matter of minutes had fully engulfed the cab of the truck.

“We were able to stop the fire before it reached the candy and snack contents of the truck, but the real hero of the day was the driver,” Price Fire Chief Paul Bedont explained. “He was fantastic and did everything he should have. He got the truck pulled off the road and into a dirt lot where there was nothing close by that could catch fire.”

This was an incident where no one was injured, but Bedont reminds residents to use common sense this dry season.

“This season is looking to be a more serious fire season than last year. We need everyone to think and work with us to keep our area safe. Never throw a lighted cigarette out of a vehicle, we have put out two fires from cigarettes already. It’s getting warmer and it might not be a bad idea to have your car checked out to prevent the possibility of another vehicle fire. Finally it’s not a bad idea to carry a fire extinguisher in your car or with you on your ATVs just in case,” Bedont recommended.


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