Truck Smashes Small Vehicle, Jaws of Life Required


A large truck traveling eastbound on State Road 29 collided with a small car Monday evening at the intersection of State Road 29 and Spartan Center Street in Castle Dale.

According to law enforcement officials, a small white vehicle carrying two teenagers was stopped at the stop sign of the intersection. The driver of the vehicle allegedly thought the truck was planning to turn right when the car began to pull onto State Road 29.

The truck continued east and broadsided the small vehicle at full speed, sending the vehicle across the road where it came to rest between a pole and a tree.

Emery County Sheriff’s Deputies and fire fighters responded to 911 calls, and responders used the Jaws of Life to cut the roof off the vehicle so the passengers could be extracted.

Both people in the white car were transported to Castleview Hospital with injuries. The severity of the injuries was unknown.

Law enforcement did not release the names of anyone involved in the accident.

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