Tumbleweeds Free Children’s Movie Schedule


Three screening remain in the winter Tumble Weeds Price Film schedule. They are free to the public and are animated children’s films.

Coming this Saturday at 3 p.m. is Fantastic Mr. Fox at the Price Civic Auditorium.

Directed by Wes Anderson
PG / 87 min / 2011 / USA
A wily fox uses his formidable cunning to outsmart three feeble-minded
farmers, who resort to extreme tactics to protect their chickens in director
Wes Anderson’s animated adaptation of the popular Roald Dahl children’s
book. For 12 years, Mr. and Mrs. Fox have lived a peaceful life with their
son. Shortly after their young nephew arrives for a visit, Mr. Fox’s longsuppressed
animal instincts begin to take over and the faithful family
man resorts back to his old ways as a cunning chicken thief, endangering
not only his family but the entire animal community as well.

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