Twelve Hard Working Students Win 2014 Sterling Scholar Award


Students from Carbon, Emery, Grand, San Juan, Monticello, Whitehorse and Monument Valley high schools competed in the annual Southeastern Utah Sterling Scholar competition on Tuesday. The students have spent the school year developing books to present at the competition and preparing for interviews.

Winners from the competition include:
Science – Annika Hansen (Carbon)
Business and Marketing – Kaydee Gilson (Carbon)
English – Alexis Heugly (Carbon)
Family and Consumer Science – Nick Kiahtipes (Carbon)
Trade and Technology – Jaycey Bruno (Carbon)
Music – Giovanna Chiara (Carbon)
Speech and Drama – Tanner Petersen (Emery)
Social Science -Sarah Roberts
Foreign Language – Brittney MacDonald (San Juan)
Visual Arts – Justin Cresswell (Grand)
Mathematics – Arianna Reay (Monticello)
General – Adam Jenkinson (Grand).

Emery Telcom is a proud sponsor of the Southeastern Utah Sterling Scholar event.

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