Two Emery County Law Enforcement Officers Honored


Pictured L to R: Col. Brian Redd, Col. Michael Rapitch, ECSO Deputy S. Kay Jensen, UHP Trooper Ryan Jensen, Governor Gary Herbert and Utah Commissioner of Public Safety Jess Anderson.

Emery County Sheriff’s Office Press Release

ECSO Deputy S. Kay Jensen and UHP Trooper Ryan Jensen were honored last week at the Utah Department of Public Safety Awards Banquet. Both men were presented the Medal of Valor, which is DPS’s highest honor, awarded to an individual who gives his or her life in the line of duty or distinguishes himself or herself by the performance of an act of outstanding courage involving absolute and imminent risk of death.

This award stems from an incident that occurred in Green River on April 15, 2018. Deputy S. Kay Jensen responded to a call at the West Winds Truck Stop where a Greyhound bus driver had requested that an unruly passenger, Shawn Stalcup, be removed from the bus. As other passengers were filing back onto the bus, Deputy Jensen noticed that Stalcup was pacing back and forth and anticipated that Stalcup would attempt to board also. Deputy Jensen stepped in front of the doorway to deny access just as Stalcup backed up a few steps and then ran directly toward the door, running full force into Deputy Jensen. A struggle ensued on the steps of the bus, with Stalcup eventually boarding and running to the back of the bus.

Trooper Ryan Jensen arrived on scene and the two law enforcement officers attempted to talk Stalcup off the bus. Stalcup would not comply and was becoming even more agitated, at which point Deputy Jensen took Stalcup by the hand and told him he needed to get off the bus. At this point, as passengers were fleeing the bus, an intense, prolonged struggle ensued with tasers being deployed and with Stalcup attempting to disarm both law enforcement officers several times. Stalcup removed a taser probe from his body and swallowed it, and was doing other things to cause self-injury.

Once Stalcup was hand-cuffed and in leg irons, additional law enforcement officers attempted to talk Stalcup off the bus. He would not leave. As law enforcement officers physically removed him from the bus, he continued to be combative, spitting blood in the faces of at least six law enforcement officers and one EMT.

This is only a brief description of the events these officers fought through during this incident. Congratulations men, on a job well done.

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