Two Outstanding Carbon County Employees Recognized


By Vanessa Manuel

Two members of the community were honored for employee of the month at the Carbon County Commission meeting on Wednesday.

Honored for May employee of the month was Whitney Waterfall, who works in the emergency services department.

”I can say a lot about Whitney because I’ve known her my whole life,” Rose Barnes, Carbon County Human Resource Director, said. “She’s like my daughter and I’m proud of her. “ Both Sheriff Jeff Wood and Justin Needles also had positive comments about Waterfall. 

She has been in the department for about four months and we would like to recognize all that she has done,” Needles said. “She has stepped up and completed so much while she’s been there and even before.”  

Also recognized was Chad Allred for the June employee of the month. Several employees nominated Allred, who works in maintenance.  

“He touches everyone’s lives everyday and makes it a point to touch base with his employers every day,” Barnes said. “His job is not an easy job and to have several employees that want to recognize him speaks volumes.”  

“I’m excited to see Chad be employee of the month this month. He’s an honorary deputy as well,” Sheriff Wood added. “The search and rescue has never looked better and Allred is always ready to dig in and do anything that needs to be done.”

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