Two Teens Deemed Responsible for Nine Mile Canyon Vandalism


Authorities recently identified two minors responsible for vandalism that occurred earlier this year in Nine Mile Canyon.

According to Bureau of Land Management Price Field Office Manager Lara Douglas, the teens, ages 14 and 17, are siblings that have have been deemed responsible for the vandalism that occurred in late May. The pair carved their initials and the date into a rock near the image of a pregnant buffalo in Nine Mile Canyon. The rock art is believed to be from the Fremont period between 900 and 1250.

Since identifying those responsible for the vandalism, the family of the teens has agreed to pay $1,500 to be used to restore and repair the damage done to the rock.

“The repairs will be done by a fine arts conservator, who should be contracted as soon as possible to assess and correct the damage,” Douglas explained. “We would expect that the conservator can reduce the visible impacts to the point where they would not be noticed by a casual observer.”


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