Two Wasted Bucks in Carbon County


Press release

CARBON COUNTY — Conservation officers with the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources are seeking information from the public regarding two incidences of wasted buck deer in Carbon County.

On Oct. 22, a hunter in the Gordon Creek Wildlife Management Area west of Price found a 2X2 buck deer that had been killed several days earlier, then left to waste.

The hide with the attached head had been removed, and was found in a separate area from the carcass. There was no meat taken from the animal.

On the same day around 7 p.m., what’s believed to be two hunters in a car shot a buck deer near the town of Columbia in Carbon County. A nearby homeowner shouted at the hunters as they fled the scene. The hunters never returned to salvage the deer. The buck left to waste was a 2X2.

Anyone who shoots a big game animal and leaves it to waste is committing a crime. DWR officers are asking for help in bringing these individuals to justice.

Anyone with details about these incidences, or any other wildlife crimes, should contact wildlife officers by calling the Utah Turn in a Poacher hotline at 1-800-622-3337. Rewards are available to individuals who can offer information that leads to a successful prosecution. Requests for confidentiality will be respected.

  • Additional contact:
    Officer JD Abbott
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