Unemployment Numbers Released for the State of Utah


In late-November, the Division of Workforce Services (DWS) released the numbers and statistics regarding Utah’s unemployment insurance claims.

For the week of Nov. 15 through 21, the number of total new claims filed for unemployment benefits in Utah was 4,470 and there was a total of over $10,000,000 benefits paid. In additional, there were 28,002 continued claims filed within the same week.

With this in mind, the number of individuals that have not requested a benefit for two consecutive weeks of as Nov. 14 came to 3,145 with a total of 3,264 that met the same criteria during the previous week.

Kevin Burt, the Unemployment Insurance Division Director for the DWS, stated that the need for unemployment insurance continues as more than 4,000 residents of Utah are applying for the benefit weekly. He also stated that while new claims are high compared to the historically low 2019 average, they remain significantly lower then the historical high in the early pandemic.

It was then stated that if an individual’s employment has been impacted during the COVID-19 pandemic, that individual should click here to view updated information, including ways to receive assistance for employees and employers that are returning to work.

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