Union Pacific Grant Bolsters Helper Museum Model Train Display


The Helper Museum is well-known for being a hub of information regarding local history, particularly the history that makes Helper so unique and innovative. One such part of the history is the trains that have come through the area to transport residents, visitors, goods and more.

Recently, the museum was fortunate to receive a grant from Union Pacific for $5,000, which was used to recreate a scale model train set on the second floor of the museum. The model works in tandem to show both the early 1900s of Helper as well as a modern display.

While the side of the model that shows the early history of Helper is complete, the modern side is a work in progress. Helper Museum Director Roman Vega credited both Ethan Sharp and Kevin Mastin for being instrumental in the construction of the model displays. The displays include a roundhouse, pool hall, sheriff’s office, outhouses, a post office and more.

Vega stated that he was very lucky to have Sharp to help put together the buildings and other elements of the displays, stating that the project would not be possible without his assistance.

While that was being constructed, Mastin was responsible for helping lay the track, put the train itself together, and place rocks and scenery. The model train display also comes with sound effects to give an overall immersive feel.

Continuing with the project, Vega stated that he will be looking to a gentleman that is well-versed in all things regarding model trains to help give authenticity to the modern side. Both Helper City Mayor Lenise Peterman and Vega expressed a lot of gratitude toward Union Pacific for the funding and the opportunity to continue to grow the museum.

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