United Methodist Church Welcomes Community With a Chili Dinner


The United Methodist Church hosted a Chili Dinner on Friday evening. The chili dinner was provided by the church and was free to the public.

Pastor Losaline Tupoumalohi stated that the idea behind the chili dinner is to live like Jesus and help out all who need it and love everyone. She wants to encourage anyone that would like to come to these dinners to feel welcome.

The church plans on this dinner being the first of many. It plans on hosting a chili dinner that will be open to the public at least once a month. Donations are accepted for the lunch and are greatly appreciated.

Churches in the area are also banding together to start hosting “Lenten Lunch,” which is slated to start on the Feb. 10 and will run for six consecutive weeks until the March 16.

To get more information on the chili dinner, Lenten Lunches, or to make a donation to the United Methodist church, Pastor Tupoumalohi can be reached at 801-815-4032. The office number for the church is 435-637-0127.

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