United Way of Eastern Utah to Bids Farewell to Executive Director


For the past six and a half years, community member Carole Wright has been the Executive Director at United Way of Eastern Utah. Working tirelessly, Wright has been an irreplaceable asset of the organization. However, they will soon have to bid farewell to Wright as she plans to relocate to Twin Falls, Idaho.

Wright and her husband, Bill, have been residents of the Castle Country area for nearly 40 years. Her husband taught in Emery County for over 30 years. The duo then moved to Price in 1997. Now, they are changing their location to Idaho due to a desire to be closer to their children and grandchildren. Wright stated that they have children and grandchildren that live in Twin Falls, Portland and northern California. This move brings Wright and her husband closer to them all.

Former United Way of Eastern Utah Board Member Deb Dull spoke about Wright. Dull was on the hiring committee that welcomed Wright to the organization. Dull stated that Wright’s qualifications were exceptional and that Wright provided them all with knowledge, professionalism and attention to detail that they would have been hard-pressed to find elsewhere. Dull went on to say that Wright was totally dedicated and always had the best interest of the community and United Way at heart.

“She will be sorely missed and as a former board member, I wish her and her husband the very best in their future endeavors,” Dull stated.


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